Watching. Closely
The day is wrapping up
Few hours left to go
The night is strolling in
I look widely around for it
I can’t find it
No results yet
For all my toils. No show
I begin to wonder
Will I ever make it
Is this the wrong turn
How much more before I am out
Of energy,strength and spirit
How long before my fire ceases to burn
I understand certainly
I had a rough lazy past
But didn’t they say
“the past is in the past”
Haven’t I given my soul to this grind long enough
Haven’t I drawn enough blood from the veins of my youthful body
How about the bridges I burnt
Do I still need to burn some more
My closest friends are miles away
I shot relationships in the chest
To kiss my grind more passionately on the lips
Lost my mind to time
Almost became one with the devil
But dear God,
Please take some time out
And gaze upon this monologue
From the heart of a STRESSED HUSTLER.


#grinders #hustlers


I saw the poison on your lips
I would taste it every time we kissed
It killed me always
But I can’t stop myself from craving your danger
Because I am just a girl

The desire to bury my head
In the arms of your love
Would rise and soar every time I saw you
I know I might end up with my head smacked
Against this uneven walls
But I can’t resist the desire
For i am just a girl

Mama would call every single night
Papa would beg me to return home
I don’t have to die this way
I understand I am an only child
But I also understand
I am only but a girl



I wrote the heavens a letter
I requested a little sister
One sister is great
But two is way better
They heard me
They sent me you
Now,a decade has passed
Since that day you arrived
And today
Just like that day I first saw you
I feel again the need to remind you
That you
Are a creation of perfection
Are a semblance of the creator’s ordinance
Are a gift fit
To lift and return a life gone adrift
Are a queen meet to sit
And sip from the cup of my hustles
So sit
Little sister and rule
Rule over this world that has become yours
Rule because you are most definitely


#birthday #family #blood


She must be an angel of light
For look how she overturned my darkness
Without saying a word
She convinced me to let go of my demons
“You are going to look for us” i hear they say
“I have found love” I hear my mouth answer
My life took a proper shape
For she filled every void
To wake and find her lying next to me
Was the only reason I ever woke up.



I heard tales
Of these fair females
Who could carry you upon the lids on their eyes
Forget your weight
So beautiful are these beings
That angels once stole from heaven
To take a glimpse
Needless to say they never remembered their way back home

I heard tales
Of beauty that men lack the vocabulary to describe
Women so exceedingly beautiful
Their mere presence could alter significantly
The state of your countenance
Forcing the fiber in your very being
To recognize undoubtedly
That beauty could indeed change everything

I heard tales
Beautiful tales
Of women fair and glorious
A glory that can of a truth
Compete with the sun
Too beautiful they should not be looked upon
But they are such a rare sight
That men consider the losing of their sight
A sacrifice,light

Then I heard tales
Of a beauty that stemmed from the father of light
With the power to murder your every demon
And pull you from the grasp of darkness
Curing your future of its past
Stripping away completely
The power of your pain to decide what your tomorrow may be

I heard these tales
Then held these tales
Hoping someday they will no longer be
Tales…just tales
But something I awake every morning to.


Dedicated To All The Women I Know.. You Are All Beautiful.

#HappyMothersDay #Tales #Beautiful


With so much fire in my eyes
Why do i still feel cold,so cold?

With so much words to use
Why do I still not know how to
Express how I feel about your absence?

With so much work for me to do
Why do I still feel like I have all the time
To think and write for you?

With so much righteousness on my doorpost
Why do I still dream of sin? Dream of you?

With so much light
Shinning on my new path
Why do I still long for the darkness
And the memories they carry?

With so much alcohol in my veins
Why do I still bleed red?

With so much air in my lungs
Why do I still suffocate?
Somebody save me

With so much beautiful faces around
And I can choose several if I want
Why do I still confess
“It is you or no one else”?

With so much support and love
From family and friends
Tell me…just tell me
Why do I still feel so left out,alone?



I left your presence again
Walking out on you
Breaking your celestial heart again
Just like I have always done
Someone told me
He heard you call me
Listening to you
This has never been my way
I am walking down this path on my own
Burning every bridge I know
that should have led me back home
It is getting really cold out here

Not even the heat of this alcohol
nor cigarette can warm me up
I can feel myself losing my every resolve
As fast as my faith can dissolve
I wonder aloud
But mostly to myself
Did every man before me go through this
Or was i created uniquely with these problem
I do not know if you will come for me or not
But Lord,I hope you do
For i fear that if you do not
I might never return from this unending trip



Dear Ex
I hope that you are doing great
Something tells me that you are
But that something can’t be trusted anymore
For it did tell me last night
That I would wake up today and not miss you one bit
I can with full confidence tell you that it lied
I still miss you terribly.

So Dear Ex,
I been wondering out loud
Where do we leave them?
When they’re no longer beautiful to behold
Where do we get them?
Well,we never truly decide what we get
On whom do we fix them?
When we are no longer sure what to do
How do we justify them?
To make everyone believe what we meant was good

Now, Dear Ex
I realize for sure by now
You feel nothing in your heart for me anymore
But I like you to know that
I genuinely like to know how you are doing
So,please…. reply.